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My life was kind of turned upside down and for a certain amount of time I felt lost…? For everybody who wants to know I want to say I’m back - very hungry for writing again. 

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I Don’t Get It.
Why would they build another Statue Of Liberty?


I Don’t Get It.

Why would they build another Statue Of Liberty?

Leeds definitely knows how to party to Franz music‼ What a crazy crazy night. I apologize to whole Franzdom but I didn’t dare to take my camera out of my bag until the very last song. It was absolute madness and such a fun‼ I still can’t believe how happy we were to see our guys through their UK tour and let me tell you one thing… they are fucking worthy of all that love we are giving to them, they are worthy of so much more. 

PS: Franz Ferdinand have got the most beautiful fans ever. Deal with it. You were all so lovely.

Pictures taken by me.

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That feeling when my Czech friend, who doesn’t have a clue who are Franz Ferdinand thinks that Nick McCarthy is my new boyfriend. You can judge me but I don’t think I’m gonna say the truth to her, haha.

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Beautiful photos! ♥ Nick still looks sooooo good….
I still can’t get over how big difference is between Nick’s stage persona and Nick out of the performance. On stage he looks exactly the same as his guitar skills are - full of confidence, passionate and professional. [Bloody nobody can’t take the fact he is the best guitarist ever from me‼] But after the gig he seemed to be just Nitzki… always smiling little boy from Germany, who laughs in the way that everybody needs to laugh together with him :). I hope it’s alright I shared this little bit with you, I know he is your favorite Franz as well ♥. 
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Is that why Nick was eating strawberries that night?? haha, sweet!
Was he? Bless him‼ Yeah, we made this little orange [of course] box full of strawberries with Erdbeer Mund sign on it and after gig when I took my picture with him, he pointed out: “Oh, you have got some strawberries‼” and I said: “These are for you, just a little healthy snack.” and he was like: “Oh, thank you‼” He is such a sweetheart, seriously. 
Awesome pics!
Thank you‼ I was taking a pictures just during two songs cause I really didn’t want to waste my time with Franz behind the camera and I’m so glad you guys like what came out of it‼ 
These pics are gr9 good job.
Thank you‼
are those strawberries on your dress too?????
Just cherries :).
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caloma18 asked: "Thanks for those increible photos about Franz Ferdinand!!! They're all awesome!!!! Perfects :) Greetings!"

There is absolutely no need to thank me :) It’s so nice sharing all our hapiness with you‼

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! May I ask you where are you from? Thanks =)"

I’m from Czech Republic but at the moment I live in UK :).

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cafeconcert asked: "Hello! Thank you for all those great pics!! I saw them twice last week in Nantes and Paris and I'm still happy :D cheers"

Good evening :) That’s how our guys work, huh? Better than vitamin D‼ And regarding to the pics, Franzwhores are always more than welcome.

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Franz weekend London shows (story time under the cut)

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I would like to add one important thing. When I saw Bob on his escape to the Taxi he was almost running. You didn’t think he is capable of such a thing, hey? And that’s also why I decided not to disturb him because I knew it would just get more people’s attention to him and I got his smile for it. So yeah, he was strutting in his bloody awesome red shoes like a boss. But still… first taxi didn’t stop for him, hahaha‼